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4 Reasons to Have Your Hearing Tested

a hearing device being used to examine a patient's ear

Did you know that six percent of the world’s population is experiencing hearing loss today? If this doesn't convince you to get a hearing test done, then knowing that extreme hearing loss conditions are not repairable, even with the best type of hearing aids.

Furthermore, a hearing test is a painless, simple procedure with massive benefits, as outlined below:

  • It helps diagnose other health conditions such as diabetes, tinnitus and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Having a hearing test done helps in the early diagnosis and treatment of the condition before it gets out of hand.
  • A hearing test helps recommend the right type of treatment in terms of surgery or hearing aids.

A hearing test entails a procedure lasting 20-30 minutes conducted by an audiologist to measure your sensitivity and response to different sounds and frequencies. The testing procedure may entail listening to harsh tones or speeches played at different volumes and pitches.

Regardless of what test your audiologist takes you through, the listening takes place one ear at a time. Depending on how you interpret the sounds and speech, the audiologist then interprets your results as follows: 26-40 decibels for mild hearing loss, 41-55 decibels for moderate hearing loss, and 56-70 decibels for moderate to severe hearing loss, 71-90 decibels for severe hearing loss and 91-100 decibels for profound hearing loss.

When to Have a Hearing Test Done

Several factors such as your age, health, occupation, and previous encounters with hearing loss may determine when you should have the test done. Nonetheless, experts recommend annual testing for people aged 60 years and above and a frequency of three to five years for those in the 18-to-40-year age group.

Besides this, different symptoms such as tinnitus, often asking people to talk louder or repeat themselves and people complaining that you talk too loudly should prompt you to take a quick test.

Improvement of Your Ears and General Health Condition

Hearing loss is deceiving and takes place gradually. As such, one can easily miss out on the early stages where the condition is treatable. Furthermore, the hearing loss could be a manifestation of a more serious condition such as cardiovascular disease that, if not treated, can have dire consequences. Moreover, having your hearing tested helps prevent brain damage from prolonged hearing loss.

Better Social Life

Naturally, people experiencing hearing loss have a hard time communicating and keeping up with friends. Following this, they tend to isolate themselves, which in extreme cases leads to depression. Gaining the courage to have a hearing test puts you in a better position to enjoy life and keep up with your surroundings hence fighting loneliness and stress.

It Helps Stay in Control of the Future

With the number of people having hearing loss expected to increase in the coming decades, it’s only fair that you have control over your condition by having a hearing test to diagnose any issues of concern. A hearing test will provide a glimpse of your general ear health and recommend measures to take care of your ear health in the future.

Additionally, treating hearing loss helps fight the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease common in old age.

This is a comfortable, painless procedure that doesn’t consume much of your time. Why then should you risk your health by failing to take this important test?

Assurance of Quality Treatment and Hearing Aids

Unlike before, when accessing quality ear treatment was a major concern, things have taken a different route today with the surge in technology usage. You can, for instance, get quality hearing aids customized to your individual needs to help you manage your condition and live a better life.

Concurrently, hearing loss is no longer a condition of the older adults as it is today attacking everyone. Therefore, don’t risk your health any longer. Take a step towards improving your ears and general wellness by visiting an audiologist today for professional examination and further guidance.