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Over 45 years ago, Dr. Mendelson and his father decided to create a cartoon character to help reduce the anxiety many people feel about hearing loss. Even with his big ears, Mr. Honey struggled to hear well until he decided to check-in with The Mendelson Group and check-out his hearing health.

Hearing impairment currently affects 10% of the population and is the third most common chronic health condition in the United States. While many adults routinely check their blood pressure, their cholesterol levels, and maybe even their eyes on an annual basis, most people fail to regularly check their hearing. Many adults are suffering daily with a hearing loss and they just don’t know it. What the smart people are doing is finding out where they’re at by getting regular hearing tests and then treating their hearing loss early.

Why not trust your future family moments with our family and learn exactly what you’re missing. Schedule your appointment today for a hearing evaluation.

How often do you ask people to repeat themselves?

This puts a damper on family, friends, fun and life in general. When one does not have a keen sense of hearing, daily communication can be stressful and difficult. It can cause social isolation and greatly reduce the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

Understanding hearing healthcare can be difficult. However, you are taking a huge first step in learning about your hearing and finding out what options are available to effectively address hearing loss. Take a look at the road map below to understand your path to better hearing with The Mendelson Group.

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  • Together we will explore the daily impact your hearing concerns have on your world.
  • We will conduct a hearing evaluation to uncover what you’ve been missing.


  • We will explain your audiogram results and answer key questions.
  • You will be shown all the options that are available to you.
  • We will suggest hearing technology that best fits your lifestyle and budget.


  • You now have an important decision to make. Do you want to get hearing aids?
  • There is no rush. Consult with your loved ones if you need to.
  • If you proceed, hearing aid models and colors are selected.
  • Ear impressions are done for custom-made earmolds.


  • Your aids are programmed to the exact levels of your hearing loss.
  • Your aids are fit on you to make sure they are comfortable.
  • Follow-up consultations are done to:
    • Adjust your hearing aids to your world.
    • Explain helpful features like linking your aids to your smartphone or TV.
    • Teach you how to use an app which customizes your aids to different environments.

A Lifetime of Better Hearing

  • Ongoing adjustments and device maintenance continue so that you can always say… 


The Mendelson Group has proudly provided hearing solutions and services for more than 47 years. In fact, we are currently seeing second- and third-generation referrals from patients we worked with three decades ago.

We were among the area's first Audiology private practices. Continuing education, a professional, caring staff, state-of-the-art technology, and a commitment to our patients are some of the reasons The Mendelson Group is so well regarded in the area and why we routinely receive referrals from top area physicians.

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Did you know?

  • Every adult should have a baseline hearing test by the age of 30.
  • Adults over the age of 40 should have an annual hearing test.
  • Individuals with hearing and balance problems should seek care from an audiologist

Knowledge is power. For this reason, we have compiled a list of helpful facts and information to help you take proactive measures toward your auditory needs.

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Established in 1972, The Mendelson Group was among the area's first audiology private practices. Learn about our distinguished company and the reasons we routinely receive referrals from top area physicians.

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The Mendelson Group also provides the additional service of making visits to nursing homes and senior living residences in the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia area. “I believe it is important to see people in their own environment,” says Dr. Mendelson, “so that I can better assess their individual hearing needs. I like to sit down and talk with people. The thing I enjoy most is helping people communicate. I see communication as a key to keeping people happy, healthy, and connected to others.”

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