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How to Tell if Your Loved One Needs a Hearing Test

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Most of us don’t think about having a hearing test until we notice that we are experiencing hearing loss. Additionally, most people assume that if they were experiencing any kind of hearing loss, they would notice straight away, right? Contrary to popular belief, it can be more difficult than you may realize.

They ask you to repeat yourself often

If you are used to speaking to a person most days, you will know their small ticks, habits and how well they can usually hear you. If you notice this change, it could be that the person is experiencing hearing loss. One change that many people notice is if a person asks you to repeat yourself when you say something to them at a normal volume. If it happens once or twice, it’s probably of no concern – but if this begins to happen more frequently, they should book an appointment with an audiologist.  

They don’t hear when you call their name from another room in the house

Similarly, to the previous point, if a person can’t hear you when you call or shout to them from another room or across a small space, it could be that they are experiencing mild hearing loss without realizing it. 

They lean their head to one side when listening to speech or other sounds. 

If the hearing loss is occurring in one ear more severely, the person will naturally compensate by tilting their head so that their good ear is closer to the speaker. They might not even realize that they are doing this, it’s a natural reaction that they could have overlooked. 

How to encourage someone to get a hearing test

Just like visiting a doctor or another health specialist, some individuals can become defensive when others suggest that they book a hearing test. These suggestions can often be met with I’m fine or leave me alone, because they might not see what you are seeing – that there has been a change in their hearing. 

When encouraging someone to get a hearing test, make sure to approach it kindly and gently, rather than forcefully. Explain what you have noticed, and let them know that you are just looking out for their wellbeing. This approach will likely be better received than coming on too strong and triggering a defensive reaction. 

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to realize that a person needs a hearing test. Use this guide to help you figure out if someone you love is experiencing hearing loss!