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Why Should You Have Your Hearing Tested?

audiologist checking for hearing impairment in patient

Hearing loss is rarely sudden. Usually, it is a gradual process that you can easily miss until the loss becomes so significant that you can't ignore it. Yet, there is so much help out there for people experiencing hearing loss. Here are four great reasons to book a hearing screening soon.

You Are Over 50

Hearing loss is part of the aging process, and it starts sooner than you think. Even in your thirties and forties, your hearing may already have begun to deteriorate. Your cochlea, or inner ear, contains millions of tiny hair cells that vibrate in response to sound. 

As you age, the hairs cells begin to die off and are not replaced, causing subtle changes to your healing that accumulate over time. It is a good idea to have your hearing regularly tested as you age to monitor this process. If you are heading towards your fifties or older, maybe it's time to include regular hearing tests with an audiologist in your routine health assessment.

You Have Noticed That Your Hearing Is Not as Good as It Used to Be

You may have noticed that your hearing is not great sometimes but dismissed it. Perhaps you need to ask people to repeat themselves more than you used to. Maybe you find party conversation a bit of a chore because you can't hear the conversation well enough to contribute. Don't just stay home. If hearing loss starts to affect your enjoyment of life and your hobbies, then it's time to do something about it. 

Other People Tell You That Your Hearing Is Poor

Do other people tell you that your hearing is poor? Family members often notice that there is an issue before the person experiencing hearing loss. They may think that the television is uncomfortably loud for them when you are watching it or that you find talking on the phone with them difficult. Hearing loss is hidden, and so people can sometimes be somewhat frustrated with the person who has it. If this all sounds familiar, then a hearing test and the advice of an audiologist could bring back your enjoyment of family relationships.

You Work in a Noisy Environment

In younger people, acoustic trauma is a leading cause of hearing loss. This damage could result from an extremely loud, unique event but is usually caused by experiencing high decibel noise regularly. People who work in very noisy environments should be given adequate ear protection, but, sadly, this does not always happen.

Audiologists often find acoustic trauma damage in musicians and other workers in the live music industry. Rock concert attendees who enjoy standing too close to the speakers are also at high risk. A young person with hearing loss will need monitoring and advice from an audiologist to ensure that they retain as much hearing as possible as they age.

Hearing tests are pain-free and non-invasive. Don't wait until hearing loss becomes a problem in your professional or private life. An audiologist can offer a great deal of support and advice.