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Hearing Resources

One out of every three adults over the age of 65 has some hearing loss. But few people understand how we hear and what can be done to improve our hearing. The Mendelson Group believes the best patients are informed patients. The following resources will help you understand hearing, hearing loss, tinnitus and the latest news and developments in the world of audiology.


Download this guide to understanding and overcoming hearing loss!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s common to have questions about your hearing or hearing aids. That’s why The Mendelson Group has put together this guide with answers to the questions our patients most frequently ask.

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Hearing Facts

Knowledge is power. For this reason, we have compiled a list of helpful facts and information to help you take proactive measures toward your auditory needs.

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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is described by varying degrees, not percentages. Hearing loss may be mild, moderate, moderately-severe, severe, or profound, and it can vary across pitches. 

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How Hearing Works

Hearing is a carefully choreographed dance that involves your ears, bones, nerves and your brain. Discover how all these body parts work in concert to convert sound waves into the sense we call hearing. 

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Impact of Untreated Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can have devastating effects on physical and mental well-being. Learn how untreated hearing loss can lead to depression, withdrawal and even contribute to dementia. 

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Latest Hearing Health News

Stay informed and hear about new technology and advances in better hearing. Discover hearing health news here. 

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Patient Forms

Save time on your first appointment. Download, print and fill out new patient forms before your appointment.

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Tips On Use And Care of Hearing Aids

Watch our videos to review how to change the batteries in your aids or check the battery level, how to change programs or change the volume, how to receive a phone call or how to use the Resound Smart app. 

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From mildly annoying to debilitating, over 50 million Americans have some experienced tinnitus at some time. Successful tinnitus treatment starts with identifying the underlying cause of the tinnitus and then applying the appropriate technology and therapy to reduce the symptoms. 

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Knowledge is power. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Call or contact us if you have questions about your hearing, hearing tests or hearing aids.