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Tips On Use And Care of Hearing Aids

It is important to keep your hearing aids clean. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off the outside of your hearing aids every night. You received a brush with your hearing aids that you can use to gently brush off the tip of your aid or mold to remove any wax that may have accumulated there. The small wire loop at the end of the brush can be used for removing any wax that may be in the opening of the aid or mold. Some aids or molds have wax filters that should be replaced on a regular basis to promote the optimal functioning of your hearing aids. Your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser will have shown you how to replace these filters. Please contact us when you need to replenish your supply of filters.

The "Dry Caddy" hearing aid dehumidifier that you received helps to capture moisture and odor to maintain the functionality of your hearing aids. Just remove the battery from your aid and place the aid in the "Dry Caddy" as needed. For situations where you experience excessive sweating, "Sweat Bands" are available to protect your hearing aids from damage due to moisture from perspiration, rain or snow. Contact us if you need "Sweat Bands" or additional desiccant discs for your "Dry Caddy".

Watch the videos below to review how to change the batteries in your aids or check the battery level; how to change programs or change the volume; how to receive a phone call; or how to use the Resound Smart app. Please contact The Mendelson Group if you have any questions about your hearing aids and we will be happy to assist you.