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Dr. Gary Mendelson

Dr. Gary Mendelson
Doctor of Audiology

Gary and his wife Dawn have been married for over 48 years and Dawn often helps out with the day to day operations of the practice. They have 2 children, Emily and Jonathan. Jonathan and his wife live in Seattle and Emily and her family live in Clarksburg. One of Gary's biggest joys is his grandson, Tyler. He is already teaching him about hearing aids.

Gary was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD and attended Northwood High School and the University of Maryland. He graduated from the University in 1970 with his Bachelor's degree and in 1972 with his Master's degree. Gary has earned two additional doctorate's degrees.

  • A Doctorate Degree in Psychology from Sussex College of Technology (1983)
  • A Doctorate Degree in Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences (2001)

Dr. Mendelson wears hearing aids himself and has personal knowledge and experience to counsel his patients through the adjustment period that all new hearing aid users encounter. He understands what his patients are experiencing and knows how to make the necessary adjustments in programming and fit of the hearing aids to ensure that his patients have long-term success with their aids.

Herbert Cuya

Herbert Cuya
Hearing Aid Dispenser

Herbert was born in Peru in 1970 and came to the United States in 1989. He started working in the hospitality industry, which is where he met Emily, the daughter of Dr. Mendelson. They got married a few years later. After the birth of their son, Emily and Herbert realized that with the schedules of their current jobs, it would be difficult for them to devote as much time and attention to their child as they wanted to.

A solution for Herbert presented itself when Dr. Mendelson enlisted Herbert's help to translate his words into Spanish so that he could communicate with a patient who was having difficulty hearing. Herbert was so inspired by the positive impact Dr. Mendelson's help had on this patient's life that he decided to get into the Hearing Health field.

Herbert earned his Associate of Arts Degree from The University of Phoenix and took a course from the International Hearing Society in order to get his license as a Hearing Aid Dispenser in the State of Maryland. Herbert has been personally trained by Dr. Mendelson and has acquired extensive knowledge from him in regards to hearing aids. His biggest reward is to see people smile after he has helped them improve their hearing.

Emily Mendelson Cuya

Emily Mendelson Cuya
Practice Administrator

Emily grew up around The Mendelson Group. Her father is Dr. Mendelson. Although she grew up around the practice, she had other desires for her future. Emily attended the University of Delaware where she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management. She worked in hotels for 15 years in various positions in catering, convention services and finally revenue management. When she gave birth to her first child (Dr. M's first grandson), she realized working full time in a stressful environment was not going to work for her and her family. With the practice growing and the paperwork piling up, Dr. M needed someone to manage the day to day operations in the main office of The Mendelson Group in Potomac. So as they say “All good things come to those who wait”. Emily is so grateful for the opportunity and loves the work she does.